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Artificial Turf and Your Kids

Posted by Chester Rivera on

If there is one thing I know about kids it’s that they love to play outside. They often ignore the weather elements of outside because playing and having fun is the only thing on their little minds. If you’re like most parents you want them to go outside and play in the yard to get all of their energy out so they don’t drive you crazy. There are many different benefits to having artificial turf instead of regular grass in your yard and today we are going to look at some reasons you should think about having this done to your yard. To see all your options you can visit your local Palm Desert Turf Dealer.

You Won’t Have to Waste Your Saturday Mowing the Yard
When you have a yard with grass it will typically need to be mowed at least once a week during the summer months and probably once every two or three weeks during the winter month. When you have both a back yard and front yard this could end up being very time consuming. For an average size yard should expect to spend several hours cutting, edging and weed eating your yard every time you cut it. Time is precious and these days we find ourselves running out of it. Having artificial grass would allow you to spend more time playing with your kids instead of cutting the grass.

Artificial Grass Can Help Protect Your Kids from Insects and Injuries If you have ever been bitten by a fire ant then you know how painful it can be. Often times these pesky little creatures will set up shop in your yard and make it their home. They will build colonies with mounds and the minute your children accidentally step in one they can quickly find themselves bitten all over with ant bites. When you have artificial grass ant can’t find food and therefore won’t build their home there. When you have a yard with real grass you also have the threat of sticker’s patches and stinging grass growing in your yard. Children love to play outside and they will often do this without shoes on their feet and it never fails that they will almost immediately step right into the sticker patch or stinging grass. With artificial turf you will no longer have to worry about this happening to your children when they go outside to play.

You Can Say Goodbye to Allergies
The grass in your yard can cause not only your children’s allergies but your allergies to flare up at any given time. Most of the time if you have any type of allergy problems grass can make them ten times worse. It can cause your children to have runny noses, watery eyes and even worse, they can sometimes break out in hives all over their bodies just from their feet touching the grass.