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2017 Fall Market Season


Friday January 19, 2018
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Vicksburg Mainstreet


Market Regulations

Written by Billy Gordon
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Statement of Purpose


To serve as a community gathering place, providing an opportunity for local farmers, gardeners and vendors to sell fresh produce, other agriculture products, handmade food items, crafts, and live plants to members of the general public.


Hours of operation



Saturday: 8.00-11:00 a.m. Wednesday 3:00-6:00 p.m. Early sales and pre-selling are not allowed on Saturday for the good of the whole Market. Dates: May 7-July 30. There are thirteen (13) selling Saturdays in the 2015 Summer Market.


Fees & Reservations


2016 Summer Fees: $125 full season (including Wednesday and Saturday) or $15.00/day. Vendor spaces are approximately 10x10 feet, and room for truck parking if space is available. Cash accepted; checks should be made payable to the Vicksburg Farmers’ Market. A receipt and a copy of the rules and regulations will be given to vendors upon payment. Fee is to be paid, to on site Market Manager. All vendors must confirm their intent to sell at the market no later than noon on Tuesday prior to the market. Space is allocated as available.

Status as a previous vendor does not guarantee booth space for weekly vendors.

To confirm intent to sell, e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 601-801-3513.

Leave a message, if there is no answer. Spaces will be confirmed pending availability.


Lot Assignments



Seasonal produce vendors will be assigned a lot area upon payment of fee. Daily vendors will be assigned a lot area based on availability. Seasonal lot areas are available to paid vendors for the entire season. Vendors who do not arrive to the Market by 7:30 a.m. may have seasonal reserved space rented to another vendor on a daily basis by the market manager; it is in the interest of the Market’s general success to discourage/fill empty booth spaces.


Operational Guidelines


The Vicksburg Farmers’ Market promotes the sale of fresh agricultural and other products to achieve a successful unique Market atmosphere. Arts & Crafts vendor must make the items they are selling (no kits). All food items must be made from fresh ingredients (no mixes). To permit fair and equal opportunity for all sellers and to ensure good treatment for buyers, some basic rules of operation must be followed. The following guidelines have been developed which will be revised and updated as needed.


  1. All animals must be kept tethered on a short leash and may not be brought into the market square for health and safety reasons.
  2. No music or stereos should broadcast from vendors’ booths or by market shoppers. (A small radio, at low volume, will be permitted for vendor news and weather updates).
  3. No smoking, by vendors or patrons, is allowed inside the Market perimeter. Individuals may smoke outside the market area.
  4. Vendors and guest are responsible for children brought to the Market. Childcare is not available. Children shall not be left unattended during the Market.
  5. The Market reserves the right to be the sole vendor for canned drinks and bottled water. Proceeds from drink sales will go to Market advertising and improvement funds.
  6. No person or organization may solicit money, votes or signatures or engage in a protest, demonstration or political activity/speech, including distribution of written material, on the market grounds or on the sidewalk leading up to or around the Market area. Such activities must be conducted at least 50 feet from the Market area. Or in an area specifically designated by the Market Manager. Such person or organization must register with the Market prior to a protest, demonstration or political activity/speech. The Market Manager reserves the right to eject from the grounds any individual who interferes with or disrupts the commerce and operation of the market.



Arts & Crafts


The Vicksburg Farmers’ Market is primarily a food and produce Market, but the Market board will approve a limited number of spaces for use as Art & Craft booths. For the purpose of classification, any booth selling craft items is classified as a craft booth, even if produce is also available there. The charge for Arts & Crafts space is $25.00 per Saturday. Craft vendors are ineligible for seasonal spaces, but may hold reservations for up to three spaces on the market’s upcoming calendar at any one time. For approval to sell at the Vicksburg Farmers’ Market, download a vendor-sign up form from //This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a description of the product available.


Vendor Responsibilities


  1. Vendors are required to clearly post their business sign or farm name on a sign measuring at least 2X2 (poster board is recommended). Vendors must display sign in plain view for customers, designating the name of the individual vendor or farm, the city of origin, and contact address and phone number. The Market Manager reserves the right to refuse vendors who do not arrive with proper signage.
  2. Vendors are encouraged to sell their own locally grown products. Vendors may supplement their own crops, but no more than 20% of their produce variety may be imported and wholesaled. These items must be clearly labeled. The only exception to the 20% imported wholesale rule is watermelon. Due to the popularity of Smith County watermelons for VFM customers, vendors will be allowed to wholesale Smith County watermelons (in excess of the 20% limit) if they obtain permission from the VFM committee in advance.
  3. For the health and safety of our Market, vendors are not allowed to sell hot foods. An exception will be made for a certified food truck that has met all the health and safety guidelines as outlined by the state of Mississippi’s Department of Health and Department of Agriculture.

For those that maybe interested in processing and selling cottage food products to the public, there are certain labeling requirements which must be met. The VFM does not and will not assume any liability for any cottage food operation product; the producer is responsible for the sole liability of their product. Labels must contain the following information:

  1. The name and address of the cottage food operation.
  2. The name of the cottage food product.
  3. The ingredients of the cottage food product, in descending order of predominance by weight.
  4. The net weight or net volume of the cottage food product.
  5. Allergen information as specified by federal labeling requirements.
  6. If any nutritional claim is made, appropriate nutritional information as specified by federal labeling requirements.
  7. The following statement printed in at least ten-point type in a color that provides a clear contrast to the background of the label: “Made in the cottage food operation that is not subject to Mississippi’s food safety regulations.”
  8. (h) Although cottage food operators are exempt from permitting requirements, they are still responsible for ensuring that products are safe for consumer consumption.      
  9. In order to determine if a specific food item qualifies as a cottage food, processors should contact the Mississippi State Department of Health at 601-576-7689.                                                                                                                                      
    1. The sale of live animals (puppies, chicks, etc.) is not permitted.
    2. Vendors are expected to be at the Market half an hour prior to the start time. Late arriving vendor trucks post hazard to shoppers during open Market hours, and the Market Manager reserves the right to deny market access to vendors who are tardy.
    3. The use of the term “ORGANIC” is not permitted unless the producer can show that they have a Certificate from the State of Mississippi that their produce is, in fact organic. Vendors may use “pesticide free” and/or other terms, but the use of the word “ORGANIC” is controlled by the State and Federal Law.
    4. Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax, when applicable. The Market is not responsible for tax calculations or reporting.
    5. Vendors are responsible for setting their own pricing and collecting for their own products. Any exchange and/or refunds are at the vendor’s discretion.
    6. Vendors are responsible for permits, licensing, and certification for food and products sales, as required by law. Permits are not the responsibility of the Market.
    7. Vendors accepting WIC or Senior vouchers are responsible for compliance with state,guidelines. Vendors may decide individually whether they would like to participate in the program. Participation is encouraged, but not mandatory.
    8. Vendors will provide the following as needed for their booths: tables, chairs, tablecloths, scales, umbrellas or awnings, bags for customers, extension cords and display containers.
    9. Vendors are responsible for maintaining their spaces in a clean and sanitary condition, and are responsible for sweeping and disposing of any debris, including cardboard boxes, at the close of business. All agricultural waste must be removed and taken away.
    10. No vendor shall play loud music, radio, tapes, television, or anything that would be disruptive to other vendors or customers.
    11. No firearms allowed on premises.
    12. Use of alcohol, controlled substance or gambling are not allowed anywhere on the Market grounds. Any vendor under the influence of drugs or alcohol is subject to expulsion from the Market for up to one year.
    13. Vendors are responsible for any minors or small children brought to the Market.
    14. Fraudulent, dishonest or deceptive practices carried on at the Market should be reported to the Market Manager and may result in revocation of permission to sell at the Market.

Any variation from the Rules and Regulations may preclude a vendor’s right to use the market. The Market Manager has the authority to enforce these regulations and to exclude nonconforming vendors.



Vicksburg farmers’ Market Commitments



The Vicksburg Farmers’ Market commits to provide marketing for the Market operation. Fundraising, special events, and public education will also be handled by the Market. The Market will also provide parking areas and access to public restroom facilities. Two wastebaskets are provided at the Market for customer use and light trash only; vendors should provide waste cans for their booth/personal use. The Vicksburg Farmers’ Market supplies all music and entertainment for Saturday and special events. Beginning with the 2009 season, a representative of the VFM reserves the right to make site visits to certify that vendors are growing the produce they advertise and sell as local product.


For more information, or questions:





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